Deja Vu & Premonitions, Creatures in Lake Arrowhead, & Freak – 3rd Ear Bonus 171

Let’s discuss the connections scientists have discovered between deja vu and premonitions. Dr. Anne Cleary gives a fascinating Tedx talk about it that can be found here –>
I also give updates on my trip to Lake Arrowhead to look for the creatures and strange activity happening at my friends Ed Brown & Claudio Ackley’s new home. Lots of weird stuff happening. I also update with details the story of Freak the psychic from 90’s and my wild goose chase to try and track him down along with his connections to the music business and major decisions that were made my a record label using psychic powers. This is jam packed and hope you enjoy it! I’ve got new recording equipment that will be used moving forward so please forgive the sound quality on this one as it all kind of went wonky on me for this one, but have new gear moving forward. 

Here’s the link for the premonitions registry I spoke about that is still active to the best of my knowledge –>

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