Ep 20 – Soulmate or Cell Mate?

Sometimes soulmates suck. Learn how to manifest the good ones and learn from the rest. Angela gets D’d over by two soulmates in a row, and not in the good way. Ryan is terrified of the dark and bad at breakups. Angela would rather rough up her soulmates than kiss them. Ryan ponders putting it all out there vs. crossing boundaries. Angela wants you to watch soulmate masterclass, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Ryan survives a whirlwind of sass and Sasquatch. Angela saw lights shoot out of a celeb’s head. Do you know what your contract is in this life? Is your cat trying to kill your dog in the grossest way imaginable? Does your soulmate need a pacifier? Learn all of this and how to use orgasms for the ultimate spell—just be sure to wash your sheets afterward. WhereTheMagickHappens.com

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