Experience 153 – Ray Szymanski, 40 Year Air Force Employee & Author of 50 Shades of Greys

<![CDATA[Ray meets me at an empty Dayton Funny Bone showroom during the day to talk to me about his book 50 Shades of Greys, his multiple encounters with the infamous Men in Black, and life on one of the most notorious Air Force bases for alien and UFO rumors Wright-Patt Air Force Base. We had an awesome talk and it will be hopefully the first of many, many more. This is some real inside stuff and I think you'll love it.

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One Reply to “Experience 153 – Ray Szymanski, 40 Year Air Force Employee & Author of 50 Shades of Greys”

  1. Hey Ryan, not to take the seriousness off the subjects you discuss on your pod-cast show here, but have you ever thought of pitching a kind of X-File type Night-stalker TV show to a network like HBO?
    I think a fictional show about a comedian touring the national comedy circuit who is into paranormal interests (even running an internet paranormal pod-cast show maybe) and who keeps running into people with some spooky skeletons in their closets would make a great show, which could cater to people who are really into these weird subjects, but also just for people after a bit of entertainment and maybe a few good jokes and laughs per show.
    You could also have go-between characters like the “astral” projectionist who you’re buddies with at the local cinema who could send these people your way and maybe some kind of Brit Marling type actress who works on bringing occult subjects to the public’s consciousness through her acting/writing roles.
    I think a HBO type network would be great as you could then probably tell adult humour and discuss trippy drug experiences on the show, where maybe a network like Fox would want a more family friendly show.
    As Ray says in this current episode, sometimes bringing a sense of humour to serious and sometimes terrifying subject matter is one way of introducing these subjects to the public consciousness.
    Something to think about maybe?

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