Freemasonry – 3rd Ear Bonus 97

<![CDATA[Freemasonry has long been known or one of the more well-known "secret societies" that operate within our country and around the world. Conspiracy theorists have long-associated them with The New World and even the Illuminati, but what are they really? I investigate what it means to be a Mason or a Freemason and even how to join the group. It may not be as difficult as you think, but that may be the only part that is even a bit clear when it comes to understanding what they really do. – Merch available! Artwork by James Roper
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  1. You should talk to Frater X, he is/was a Freemason and even wrote a book titled ‘The Secret War Inside Freemasonry’. I’m sure he would be up for a chat about Freemasonry. It’s also weird that while listening to this pod-cast yesterday that I heard a news story about a stonemason being crushed between two granite slabs in my hometown.
    “A stonemason has died after being crushed by two slabs of granite at a business on Brisbane’s bayside.
    Ray Finch, 61, was killed when the 300-kilogram slabs fell off the back of a truck while it was being unloaded at Cleveland.”

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