Experience 39 – Ghost stories and weird happenings

<![CDATA[A ghost story compilation turns weird and unexplainable as I listen back to the recordings. I am not quite sure I know what happened here in this hotel room, but I am ready to leave. Maybe because I am in my head about the ghost stories, but needless to say I am really spooked. I hope you enjoy the unedited talk and stories. Experience 39 is one of the 13 so it had to be different and it definitely provided that.

4 Replies to “Experience 39 – Ghost stories and weird happenings”

  1. That was a really weird episode. Especially the ending. I know I’m late to the party here but do you remember what happened at the end?

      1. it was one of the 13th Experiences, so rest-assured something weird was going to happen. But, I made it and all was well! 😉

        1. It is more fun to believe, but I found this episode to be rather… unbelievable. Staged hoaxes like this ruin credibility for an otherwise phenomenal podcast. A certain amount of trust is allotted to anyone speaking of and for paranormal matters as no one knows for sure what is “real”. Please don’t abuse this trust again.

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