A Quicky With Singer – "The Man Kiss"

<![CDATA[This is the meat and potatoes of the latest Phillip Dan and Dewey clip.  When I say meat and potatoes, I mean it is the juicy, delicious, sensational, extravagant, ridiculous, and potentially grand moment of the longer version, the Director's Cut.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
"The Man Kiss"

What people cannot tell by watching this video is what actually happened at the end of it. As “Dewey” played by Ryan Fohl, jumped into my arms as he was open-mouth kissing me, I accidentally bit his lip and injured him. But, that is not the only way I injured him because as he jumped in my arms, my back went out and as you can tell, I drop him on the ground. His fall was broken by a monitor, the speaker on the stage in the middle of his back. It is amazing that he could walk off the stage. What we do for comedy…]]>

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