Biz Guy – Episode #2

Here is the second of five different spots I did for Biz Stain Fighter.  These videos are going to become a viral success of runaway and epic proportions, so get in on the ground floor, people!  This one is an episode in which I take on chocolate stains.  You should know a few things about this going in:  I do NOT like chocolate and am willing to rise above my personal tastes and do what I need to do for money.  I will do almost anything for money.  I need money.  Do you have money?  Do you want to give me some of it?  I will gladly take it from you.
These were really fun to make and maybe we will be making more of them?  I am not quite sure, but I am sure that if we do, I will enthusiastically be on board with the decision.
Episode #2 – “Chocolate Pie”

I think this episode not only shows my incredible range as an actor, but it also shows that I have a high tolerance for pain and can work well with people that are not real.  These are all very admirable qualities and things that were never emphasized enough in my schooling as tangible life tools.  I hope you continue to enjoy these videos and we shall patiently await the next ones, I suppose.]]>

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