Biz Guy – Episode #5

Here is the final (for now) Biz Guy “Clean This” spot that we shot on those fateful days in March.  Oh, the times!  As you can probably tell if you have been watching the previous episodes, I had pretty darn tootin’ time filming these.  It was a loosey-goosey kind of environment where I was allowed to improv and go crazy without being too adult.  Maybe if more than 54 people watch these videos, they will choose to shoot some more.
Hint.  Hint.
If nothing else, I met some cool and creative people filming them and had a lot of fun in the process.  I hope you enjoy what may possibly the last time you will ever see my incarnation of the “Biz Guy.”  Tear drops.  Splash.  Sploosh.  Be an adult, don’t be sad.  Also, if not already, you should follow me on twitter and be my friend on Facebook.
Episode #5 – “Spaghetti”

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