Bob & Tom and Bloomington!

If you are reading this before Thursday (July 1st), then you can hear me on the Bob & Tom radio show at 8 am on Thursday morning.  Is this short notice?  Yea it is.  I got short’ish notice myself, but I am certainly happy to be waking up early early for the show.  I have done the show once before a couple years ago and look forward to sitting back down in the studio again.
After the show, I am headed off to Bloomington, Indiana, to co-headline the Comedy Attic with my good buddy and future roommate Dave Waite.  We are going to have an absolute blast doing our thing in the city that is home to the Indiana University Hoosiers and other assorted things.  Comedians say it all the time and I really mean it when I say that this is one of THE best clubs to perform at in the country and I absolutely LOVE doing shows there.  I was just there a few months ago doing shows with Marc Maron and they only bring in the best comedians working today, so that makes a shitbag like myself feel pretty good about the way things are working out.
One time I was there I had an experience that I will always remember for years and years.  I was invited to a party after a show at the university and aside from feeling like I would have been the old creepy dude at the party, there is one distinct reason I did not go.  The younger Ryan would have quite enjoyed this invite, but I was not in a position to accept.  I was invited by some guys to go to a “Rum & Coke & Coke” party.  I think you can figure out what was going to happen there.  I could just imagine the headlines in the paper the next day:
“Creepy Old Comedian Arrested With Twenty 19 Year Old Girls And Lots of Cocaine”
Granted, it does have somewhat of a cool ring to it, no?  You are right, it does not.  We have one show Thursday, 2 Friday night and 2 Saturday night some come on out and catch some laughs and awkward moments.  Let me know if you heard me on the radio and how you think I did.  Yes, I am opening myself up for judgment it would seem.]]>

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