Comedy Wonder Town – The Album Recording

This is going to happen whether I like it or not.  I will be at Go Bananas Comedy Club Easter weekend (April 5-7) recording my new album, “Comedy Wonder Town.”  I would love it if you came out to all of the shows.  That’s right, not just one of the shows, or two, or three, but all of them.  If you come out Thursday night ESPECIALLY and then at least 2 more of the shows, you’ll get an insane gift bag from me to you.
If you want to announce your intention to go, you can do so by making reservations at link above for the club and on the facebook event page if you’re into that.
I will give you a copy of my first album, a DVD of the pilot I shot in Los Angeles called “Comedy Wonder Town,” your name will be in the liner notes of the new album, and you’ll get free tickets to any show I ever do again.  That’s right – your very own RSVP card “Ryan Singer Very Person” card.  I will honor this card forever.  No bullshit.
I will also give you other things that we can come up with together.  Does it sound like I’m begging?  Good.  Because I am.  In a perfect world, everyone comes out Thursday night and we make magic happen and get the album recorded that night.
This is going to be a comedy show that should be wonderful.  At least, it is my hope that it will be full of wonder.  Since I am recording a new album I will not be doing some of the bits you may know already.  But, fear not, as I hope that some of the bits you have not heard will be equally enjoyable to you and your ear holes.  I think my journey as a stand up comedian is still in the early stages and am glad that if you are reading this you are helping me along my path.  I am encouraged by the direction of my comedy and there are too many people to thank here at this time for that happening.
Amber Preston from Minneapolis will be featuring all the shows that weekend.  She is splendid, funny, awesome, and you’re going to love her.  I am certain of that fact.  Are there some great comics in Cincinnati that could have featured for me?  You bet your sweet ass there are, but you might not have had the chance to discover Amber if we kept it all in-house so to speak.  That is why that is happening and also because I like watching her tell jokes and I am being selfish.
I am Wichita, Kansas, right now as I write this and had a great weekend.  The last time I worked here I did not have the same experience.  I was a bit skeptical that these audiences were going to go along for some of the journeys we would take, but they did for the most part.  I am off to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in two days to do one more weekend of shows tuning up for the recording weekend.  If these jokes can work out here where Rick Santorum wins, they should be just fine in a club that I am deeply in love with and always have been.
I’d be lying if I said I was not nervous.  I feel like this guy. But, trust that I will overcome because its Amore!

April 4th I will be performing at the University of Kentucky with Sam Evans and I am certain that it will be glorious.  If you live close by and want to hear what my new album might sound like it will be the last time I am able to run it before I can record it.
In other news, if I have seemed a bit detached from it all lately it is because I have immersed myself into Comedy Wonder Town once again, but the album not the pilot this time.  One must work to find their peace.  My peace has been anywhere but of my mind lately and Comedy Wonder Town just might save the day yet again.  Come join me and let us go on this journey towards trying to make quality art together.  I need you.  Yea, you.  I am talking directly to you.  I really fucking need you.  Thanks.]]>

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