Electric Universe – 3rd Ear Bonus 109

<![CDATA[The Electric Universe Theory is not just a new idea about how the universe operates, shapes itself and originated – it is a major paradigm shift in the way we understand our existence. According to many engineers, scientists, and other curious minds, The Law of Gravity is no longer the boss in the office of our universe. Could it be that most of mainstream or accepted science has it all wrong? Even trying to have this conversation has cost many well-educated and curious seekers their standing and reputation. We investigate what it means if the universe is powered on electricity and that the sun is not a hydrogen bomb internally but powered externally by essentially lightning. A fun rabbit hole to go down for sure and I look forward to keeping up with this theory as more is discovered.
Audio is Wal Thornhill from The Thunderbolts Project Youtube Channel:

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  1. So pumped you covered this “electric universe theory”!! It’s really crazy when you get into the nitty gritty of it. I am on Thunderbolt.org mailing list & love getting updates on the electric universe theory. It’s truly inspiring.

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