Ep 15 – Slide Into Ghost DMs

Learn how to get your Blue Moon on with quick ‘n easy magick this Saturday! Angela warns fellas about leaving semen around witches and how to tell if you’re being manipulated with magick. Ryan’s dreams are full of messages—or is he binging too much Sabrina? Angela and Ryan discuss problems and highlights of their new favorite show (no spoilers!). Ryan shares a cautionary tale about becoming a love vigilante. Angela tells new ghost stories and how a mega goddess has been sliding into her DMs. Is working with demons the Keto Diet of the spirit world? Is the devil kind of a fun guy? Get these answers, plus how to find your Power Animal and ride it into the sunset, you magick maker, you! www.wherethemagickhappens.com

“I feel like you slid into this ghost’s DMs.” —Ryan

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