Ep 21 – Inner Child Moves Out

Ryan teaches numerology. Angela keeps Ryan on track (for a change). Ryan meets a large, nude, baby man who wants to protect his inner child. Angela anticipates her own next baby man. Ryan vandalizes his own property. Angela ignores her voices and suffers head injuries. Ryan and Angela disagree about End Times. Ryan is scared Angela will destroy him with magick. Angela ranks astrology apps. Ryan blames Hollywood for the confusion surrounding soulmates. Angela loves you ‘cos you’re from a different planet. Ryan wants you to talk to water. Angela wants you to attend Spiritualist Church. Do you need to burn down your childhood home or just sing more karaoke? Are all 11s bossy child directors? Do you pee your pants a little when hanging with your soul cluster? Learn all of this, plus math and vocabulary! BONUS: Ryan has special plans for people who leave 5-star iTunes reviews!

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