Not only were witches the first to make beer, but there’s even a beer goddess! We have drinks with Prairie Rose, LA-based firewater goddess, blogger, and podcast host of Bit by a Fox, who shares how pointy hats, cauldrons, and cats first became associated with beer brewing witches. Angela abandons decalcifying her pineal gland. Ryan figures out how to drink—and how to not drink—whiskey. Angela makes a good case for why she shouldn’t be eaten in the apocalypse. Ryan is impervious to peer pressure. Learn why Sammy Davis Jr. was better than Frank Sinatra, the best destinations to get spiritually tipsy, and how to read everyone’s energy at the bar. Celebrate diversity and freedom this July 4th with a very special Magick Moment to empower the oppressed, critical-mass style! And then visit to make celebratory cocktails post-magick, you compassionate difference-makers, you!

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