Ep 23 – Sum Away With Me

Our official numerology reports are in, patterns are challenged, and hedonistic activity is confirmed! Ryan is off vices and back on nature. Angela admits she’s not for everyone, but her genitals are. Ryan gets triggered and pupset. Angela can hear plants. Ryan is gonna be a creepy kid in his next life. Angela’s master number is tougher than Ryan’s fun number. Ryan finds a new attitude that leads to riches. Angela and her faeries get their groove back. Do all faeries hate meat and love TMBG? Is it possible to engineer a child’s path via name and induced labor? Should you fire your therapist and hire a shaman? Learn all of this, plus how to break your patterns, show empathy, and get your own numerological life map from numbers expert Cait (clementinetarot228@gmail.com)! WhereTheMagickHappens.com

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