Ep 36 – Back From the Read

Ryan sends his etheric double into the world. Angela astral annoys bffs. Ryan finally learns his soul contract—and it’s a good one. Angela review-rants the new Augusten Burroughs witch book—and it ain’t pretty. Ryan tries tantra. Angela discovers a new tool that reveals past lives. Ryan loves his water. Angela shares a psychic food test. Ryan gets to first base during new moon meditation. Angela follows her dreams to new friendships. Ryan has debilitating déjà vu. What’s the first rule of psychic fight club? How easily can a demon take over your body? Is black licorice a demon? Learn all of this and then donate to empower some bright young women in Africa! onegirl.org.au/fundraisers/angelalovell Past lives tarot deck available at: redorchidpublishing.com

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