Ep 9 – Athamé the Force Be With You

Angela reopens her third eye and sees her first ghost in 20+ years. Ryan is still seeing milkshakes. Angela turns up the magick with sexy attire and salt scrubs. Ryan invents sippy cup chalices. Angela ignored a clear message and had to fight a big dog off of her little one. Ryan shames her for abducting an armadillo. Angela hates on hot people but enjoys being stalked by monks. Ryan channels Columbo. Angela forces herself to go to a party and gets important messages. Ryan imagines the Battle Royale of spirit guides. Angela’s new spirit guide might be body-shaming her. Hear sex tales that are far from magickal, and meet Ryan’s purple pants! And remember that there’s no limit to love, success, and joy in this world—power up and call in your magick! But leave the armadillos alone.

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