Exclusive Torchdown Jesus Footage

Last night, my roomate Sherif and I went to go get video footage of the burnt down Jesus statue that was struck by lightning.  The police were not letting anyone on the grounds to get any footage, so we decided to sneak onto the property some way.  That way turned out to be a trek down railroad tracks, through 6 foot weeds and a lot of mud.  After a long hike through all this shit, we found a way through police tape and got onto the premises for the only footage from inside the church grounds of the fire.
We did not get a lot of footage as we had to make a hasty exit, but we got the scoop on all the local news channels.  I think it is called, “the scoop,” but I could be wrong.  Regardless of what it is called, when we left the grounds hurriedly, the local news vans were looking at us like we just stole their favorite toy.  Suckas!
Here is a short video with that footage and details of the journey to get it.  I hope you enjoy it.

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