Experience 109 – Jim Hefner, owner of Just Float & my 2nd Sensory Deprivation Float Tank Experience

<![CDATA[Jim Hefner, one of the owners and the man on the ground of Just Float in Pasadena, California, the world's largest float tank center sits down with me after my float to talk to me about the origins of its inception. We discuss the feelings, states of mind, and personal transformation that sensory deprivation float tanks can give to people. Whether it is a profound insight into our life and what we should be doing with our lives or an intense psychedelic visuals that also cause us to confront the fears that may occupy our subconscious, the float experience is one that is unlike any other thing you can do. Jim also talks about how they operate within the "wellness" space and not the "come get some trippy visual" space. I had a magical and emotional time and Jim is an interesting and insightful interview. Hope you enjoy it. All info available here —>  www.justfloat.com (also, you’re not crazy, there is the faintest sounds of music in the background during talk we conducted in the lounge)

818-839-0593 Mindline]]>

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