Experience 163 – Doug Mellard, Depression & Micro-dosing

<![CDATA[Doug Mellard returns to the mindcast to discuss his troubles with anxiety, depression and what he has been doing about it recently that has been very beneficial. We discuss his method of micro-dosing psilocybin or "magic" mushrooms and the effects it has on his life outside of helping ease his anxiety and treat his depression. It should be noted here, that we are not suggesting anyone recklessly use hallucinogenic drugs to treat any and all ailments, but if you are interested that you carefully and responsibly proceed in gathering information about this particular treatment. There are many sources of information available currently about how and why people do this. A great and very open, candid chat and I know you'll enjoy it.

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One Reply to “Experience 163 – Doug Mellard, Depression & Micro-dosing”

  1. I’ve been doing them every second day in a dose of .2-.3 grams, which at first I thought would have zero effect. But I am noticing pronounced effects on my speech patterns and how well I can communicate with other people(increased memory, better use of hand gestures, sentences flow better)..I’ve noticed it’s easier to comprehend topics, as I took a microdose a day before a test at school studied for three hours and took in everything i read here http://www.trufflemagic.com/blog/microdosing-magic-mushrooms/. Without much prior knowledge on the exam from not paying attention/ being lazy in class. I did manage to get a 76, which where I am from is a B. I tried a suduko while microdosing, it was much easier, and took me about 6 minutes to complete, it was rated moderate difficulty

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