Experience 54 – DMT Couch Sessions w/ Shane Mauss PART TWO

<![CDATA[Part Two of the DMT Experience picks up where we left off last week – right when I smoked DMT for the first time with my buddy and fellow comedian, Shane Mauss. Be prepared to hear me try to explain the unexplainable and say the word "like" a ton of times. I am forever changed after my experience and for the better in my opinion. Please do as much research as you see fit before smoking DMT as there is a ton of information available online about it. It is nice to get knocked off our rocker once in a while.

2 Replies to “Experience 54 – DMT Couch Sessions w/ Shane Mauss PART TWO”

  1. What happened to the follow up to the DMT trip? Part 2 is just voicemails and talking about things the host wants to do in the future. But no DMT follow up?

    1. Experience 54 (Part 2) is not playing the after-thoughts? I’m confused as this track should be over an hour long about the experience that just happened.

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