Experience 82 – James Roper, Shaolin Kung Fu & meditation

<![CDATA[James Roper, a brilliant artist tells me all about his journey through Kung Fu and the meditation practices he has experienced. At what point does meditation transcend a daily practice and become something mystical? James details his most intense experience in cutting through the noise of daily life and what happened afterwards. We also get into what it is like to dedicate a portion of your life to excelling in an intense practice of physical and mental exercise and how that affects what we consider to "normal" and if those moments of breakthrough make us "go crazy" or not. A fun, wonderful talk and my first one from overseas! More on James is available at his website: jroper.co.uk

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  1. This one hit me in the heart.. I really connected with this artist’s point of view. Really great listen!! Thanks!

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