Flick My Clip 4 and More!


Tuesday 8/23 at Go Bananas Comedy Club!  Festival begins at 8 pm sharp and doors open at 7 pm.  This is going to be awesome, fun, and babies might be made.

THE LINEUP: (this list is subject to change)
Rent’s Due – Mike Canestaro
Various Entries – Women
Me & My Dolls (episodes) – Ryan Singer
I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant – Sketch By Number
Ned (episodes) – Mike Shelton
Lobster Boy – Left of Center
Jasper vs. the Woofman – Jasper t. Colbaire
The Adventures of Larry Bird and Michael Jordan In Space – Dean Maiorana & Brian McCabe
We Got That B-Roll – Cream
Connected – Cream
Ballet Drop Out – Left of Center
Axe Body Wash – WATBIT
High On You – The Chronic State
Gay Zombies – Vincent Holliday
Heist – Andy Gaspar
Old Diapers & Hot Soup – Wayne Memmot & Dean Maiorana
Magic 8 Ball – The Asbestos Crew
Henry’s Kitchen – Henry Phillips
The Way To Go – Nick Andrews
The Aggressive Bee – MC Mr. Napkins
Episode #1 of Web Series – Alex Stone & Mike Cronin (tentative)
Parent Teacher Night – The Suburban Housewife
Mo Money Mo Problems – Sumukh Torgalkar & Justin Golak

I’ll be peforming at Woodlands Tavern in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, then off to the Downtown Crackers Wed – Sat of next week.  I’m doing an awesome show put on my buddy Ryan Remmington at the Sinking Ship in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday 8/28.  Let’s us all get together and feel all right!

I miss you all very much.  Very, very, very much.  I love you all.  Very, very, very much.



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