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Recently, as you may or may not be aware, I was in Chicago doing a show.  I was there with my buddies Tom Simmons and Billy Wayne Davis to do our weird and strange comedy show “Kooks.”  We did not know really anything about the podcast when we agreed and even when we went to do it as is the case with many podcasts.  You just never really know what you’re getting into and that is half the fun of doing them.
We cover all kinds of weirdness and then we get serious for about 3 seconds and then start being foolish again.  I think you will find that the topics we covered are right up your alley if you enjoy coming to this website and enjoy some of the same things I do out on the fringe of the news and the fringe of social circles.  Life is way too short to be always worrying about the normal stuff.  It is great and fun to go overboard and down the rabbit hole if you keep your sense of humor about it.
There are some commercials at the beginning and throughout the episode, but here’s a hint:  you can skip ahead!  Hooray!  Unless you enjoy listening to them, then feel free.  And my apologies to anyone old enough to be offended by a misplaced reference I used as a joke in this podcast.  Everyone knows your generation was awesome and I did not try to give some of that awesomeness to a different group of people.  My schedule is updated, too!
You should see my schedule as I have added a lot of dates opening for Marc Maron around the country at some pretty radical places that I have yet to perform.  So, I am looking forward to those dates and will be moving out west to Los Angeles in one month from now.  I am looking forward to living where I no longer need an ice scraper again, it has been way too long.  Also, will be (fingers crossed) filming a new web series in the next coming days and hope to have the episodes start going live before I leave for California.
Here’s the link to the podcast:]]>

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