How To Get High Without Drugs – Available NOW!

My new cd is out now!  You can get it from the internet on iTunes (just click on photo above) and or you can get it from me at a live show.  Check my schedule to see if I am coming to a town near you anytime soon.  A huge thanks to everyone who came out to the show and made it a success.  There are a shit-ton of people to thank for all the different things that went into making this a reality, so if you are one of those people – thank you!
The album is released by Rooftop Comedy and Reid Faylor designed the cover and back.  I did the comedy on the cd with help on bonus tracks from some of my very talented buddies.  If you want to get it now, click on the photo up top or right here and it will link you directly to iTunes.  Please rate and review the cd as you see fit.
If you came to the show and have not received your copy of the cd yet, please email me through the contact form on this site so I can get it to you.  Some emails bounced back to me, so if you are one of those people, don’t worry I am not dodging you.  I definitely want you to get your copy.  First physical copy I sold was to a guy at a bar who heckled me.  So is the way of the world.
New Year’s Eve in Bloomington, Indiana, at the Funny Bone with the hilarious Greg Warren.  If you are in that town, come on out and let’s try to make a fun weekend out of it.]]>

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