Interview from Poland! (Audio)

That’s right, you read that correctly.  I was interviewed by a journalist over in Poland who writes for the site  We used that magical portal of voice known as Skype and did it that way.  I am going to keep my insecurities and pet-peeves about myself to myself and post the interview here ( Ryan_Singer_2012 ) and you can listen to it if that sounds like something interesting to you.  Or you can click on the above link or the photo up top to go to the page where its housed.  Who uses the term “housed” when referring to this stuff?
It was an interesting interview and I had fun talking to my new friend,  Marcin from Poland (sorry, I lost the place where you had your last name listed as I’m a bastard).
My name is Ryan Singer and I’m from the United States.  I’m an American.
I have A LOT of upcoming shows in Los Angeles the next couple months because I am off the road until July as of now.  The new album is being put together as we speak and I think I’m going to like it more than the first one.  I hope you guys do.  I will be recording a DVD this summer and I have really high hopes for it.  It will involve animation and stand up comedy all mixed together, but only have stand up audio.  Make sense?  Probably not.  The venue is still to be determined, but it will be either Dayton or Cincinnati where we will film.
Special shout out to Sue Harmeyer and Adam Collins for achieving R.S.V.P. status by coming out to multiple CD recording shows at Go Bananas!  As of yesterday (5/4/12) I have received word that the cards arrived in the mail and I’ll pick them up when I am back in Ohio in July.  It will be Christmas in July for you guys!

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