My Awesomely Radical T-shirt Available Online Now!

<![CDATA[I am pleased to announce that after a few hours I have figured out how to sell the new t-shirt online through this site. The price is slightly more due to shipping and convenience (not going to lie, going to post office will cost you), but still reasonable for high quality shirt at only $20 in Medium, Large and X-Large.  You can click on the picture to go to the purchase page:
P.S. As you can tell this t-shirt will make any person better looking exponentially. It will also make you appear to be more intelligent.
P.P.S. Any increase of your attractivness or intelligence are purely coincidental to the purchase of this t-shirt as this t-shirt has not been crafted by witches or elves possessing magical powers.
P.P.P.S. But, for reals, it will make you a better person when you are wearing it.]]>

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