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<![CDATA[Hey, everybody.  Here's some breaking news…not so much breaking, really.
I'll be headlining Wiley's Comedy Club in Dayton, OH, this Thursday (3/11).  It should be a fun time for sure and it is my first time officially headlining one of the clubs I started performing comedy.  Tickets are only $5 and showtime is at 8 pm.
I just got back the Laughing Skull Comedy festival in Atlanta, GA, this past weekend.  It was a blast and I met A LOT of great comics and some very interesting characters.  We are now in the final days of the voting for CMT's Next Big Comic Contest and I am really grateful for all the votes and support I have been getting locally and nationally.  Thanks for voting and you can continue to vote for me here or by texting FUNNY12 to 32709.
If I win, you will be able to see a very short acceptance speech video on CMT Monday at sometime after they announce the winner.  Regardless of the outcome, it has been a lot of fun and a really cool ride.
Make sure to check out my schedule as I am updating it every few days with new dates and new cities.  If you live in Columbus, OH, or Bloomington, IN, I will be visiting you soon with some jokes.
Some people have been asking me about the cartoon thing and all I can tell you is that I am still trying to get someone to take a chance on it and I will hopefully know by the end of next month of it will be given a chance to bring some unique and original stylings to a network near you.  And my latest internet commercial series shall be coming up online soon.  I really think it might be some great stuff, we shall wait and see.]]>

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  1. Looking forward to tonight’s gig. I’ve been voting every day but the damned site goes down alot, it must be very busy….I’m very hopeful that you will win this thing, everyone tells us that your material and style are the best of the remaining group….
    This is kind of like the American Idol or last week’s Academy Awards.
    Good luck, you deserve a big break.

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