"Pirates, Knights and Big Gay Dragons" – New Clip

<![CDATA[Another installment of "A Quickie With Singer," bite sized chunks of my comedy for all you folks out there with no attention spans.  All of these "Quickies" are right around one to two minutes in lenght, so feel free to not rearrange your whole schedule to try to get your fix of my stand up.  I know that is quite and assumption that you may rely or be addicted to my comedy when I referred to it as a "fix." This one was filmed @ Skyline Comedy Cafe in Appleton, Wisconsin.
I will continue to try and post new clips on a somewhat regular basis without putting my whole entire act online.  If you ever see me live and in person I imagine there are some jokes you would like to not know.  Maybe I am wrong?  Okay, you’ve convinced me to just put the whole act up now.  See what you have done?  I hope you are proud of yourself.
I will editing and posting soon some video footage of when I was driving for 12 hours straight with no radio.  Tentatively entitled, “One Man’s Descent into Madness.”  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this clip!
Also, the picture with this post is my tshirt, which will be available shortly for purchase through this website.

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