Project SERPO – 3rd Ear Bonus 90

<![CDATA[Project SERPO – an alleged human/alien exchange program, had the internet and believers in aliens, UFOs & Secret Government coverups of human/alien work programs going wild with excitement, speculation, and had many of them feeling validated in their long-standing belief in reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. Although I spend most of the program discussing things under the moniker of "it's more fun to believe" I do believe it is important to point out from time to time what I believe to be misguided or misinformation. Project SERPO is a lightning rod of controversy in the "alternative" news world and amongst those who are willing to believe we don't know everything. I cannot stress enough how I believe it is important to do your own research and ultimately come to your own conclusions on matters like these, regardless of what I have come to think is most likely. Could I be wrong? It would not be the first time or last time if so. – SERPO docs – Merch available! Artwork by James Roper
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