Quantum Immortality – 3rd Ear Bonus 42

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  1. Thanks for doing this one! Quantum immortality is definitely one of the most interesting subtopics related to the many worlds theory. I know it’s not the most formal or reliable source, but I found that certain communities on Reddit have really kick-started my interest in this theory. “Glitch in the matrix” is a cool one, where people share their first-hand accounts of odd things that have happened to them that shouldn’t be physically possible, from duplicating household items, to losing substantial amounts of time, to quantum immortality stories (most people on this subreddit will relate these occurrences to the simulation theory, but I personally believe it is related to the many worlds theory, or both.) “Dimensional Jumping” is another great one which teaches you how to intentionally jump between dimensions, and people share their progress. Admittedly I’ve tried a couple of the methods and have seen no results yet, but I still find it fascinating.
    I think “The Mandela Effect” is the one that sealed the deal for me, though. I have a feeling you probably have come across this phenomenon before, but if not, a visit to mandelaeffect.com is totally worth your time. But I must warn you, if you have not gone down this rabbit hole yet, you will have a really tough time getting out. The way you perceive reality will not be the same.

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