Rejection! What Do You Think?

This is the video that some company that rents homes rejected as a website promo and/or advertising for their company that Mike Cronin and I put together. I think it is funny and that they probably just do not have a good sense of humor. But, then again, maybe it doesn’t quite hit their target demographic? What do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments here.
For the record, people wearing ties as a rule should not be making creative and/or comedy content decisions. Also for the record, I have no way of knowing if whomever rejected this video was actually wearing a suit and tie at the time. Maybe it was a pants suit instead? I just like proving to myself that people in suits do not share the same vision of comedy that I have. Will I ever be mainstream? Aren’t I already? Truth be told, I’m having too much fun doing what I am doing right to even worry about that. I hope you like the video and keep in mind that my exciting new docu-web series will be premiering very soon! Maybe it should be doc-web series?

2 Replies to “Rejection! What Do You Think?”

  1. I think it’s hilarious! no music, raw, packing a teddy bear with ice… just pure fun. but i guess you can never really count on those calls from the front desk OR people wearing suits.

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