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Here is a collection of some of the highlights people have written about my new album Comedy Wonder Town and also links to the full reviews.  The feedback from people has been overwhelmingly great and that brings much joy to my heart.  I mean, why else do what I do if to not bring some kind of happiness and laughter to the world of friends and strangers.  You just never know when someone is laughing in a time of darkness because of something you’ve put out into the universe.
Let’s all make a promise to allow ourselves to get really excited about the things we want.  Cool?  Cool.  I know it is cool to play it cool, but it is not the way I have found to be able to really feel alive.  Disappointment?  Sure.  But, disappointment is just an event, not a state of mind and is further evidence that we are taking risks and trying to really go for it.  Putting out your work for public consumption can be nerve-wracking and can lead to some harsh criticism, but it can also lead to unexpected moments of connection.
Here’s what people are saying:
“Ryan Singer’s “Comedy Wonder Town” is just that – a delightful escape from the world around you as you accompany Singer on a hilarious journey though complete absurdity. For me, that’s exactly what comedy should be – that, and telling jokes to truckers about wives that don’t exist.” – Under the Gun Reviews 2012 Top 10 List
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“With his high-energy delivery and unpretentious leanings, there’s not a lot to dislike about comedian Ryan Singer. And it’s not just us saying it: In the last few years, he’s won over audiences headlining the nation’s finer comedy clubs and was hailed by Marc Maron in Rolling Stone as a comedian “who should be big.” – LaughSpin
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“Ryan Singer has one of those life perspectives that still allow adults to propose hypothetical inquisitions like a child on a long car ride. This accounts to a fascinating line of “Luxury” thinking, meaning Singer ponders all of the marvelous implications of human technology while acknowledging his scientific contribution to be exactly zero.” – Stage Time Magazine
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“At 5:10, “Hands That Built Human History” is the second-longest track on an album that flies by like a Guided by Voices LP—patched together, loose and short on the usual filler. (Is it a coincidence that, like GBV leader Robert Pollard, Singer is also a former schoolteacher from Dayton, Ohio?) – The Spit Take
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“Relaxed and laid back at times, it’s fun to watch Singer switch gears as he twists himself out of shape. It put me in mind of being a kid at the playground and spinning a friend on the swings. The chains would creak as they were wound up tighter and tighter, and then when I couldn’t push them any further, I would step back and let go, watching and laughing as they spun in a circle. Similarly, it’s fun to watch Singer as he explodes, converting the potential energy to kinetic in an outburst of scientifically accurate Neanderthal song lyrics.” Comedy-Reviews
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“What really stands out on Comedy Wonder Town is the hopefulness of Singer’s material and his positivity on certain topics.” – The Serious Comedy Site
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