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Free Love download via Google Drive if you prefer over Dropbox – Click Here! 

To help spread Free Love, I would ask that you go to iTunes and rate & review it even though it is not free there. iTunes does not do free content, but we put it for as low as they’d let us. Amazon currently does not have it for free either, but you could rate & review it there, too! Spread this around to everyone you wish! I beg you!

My newest album is called “Free Love” and it is FREE for EVERYONE! The record label Blonde Medicine is making this a reality. It takes a remarkable mind to get on board with putting resources into a product that they are going to give away for free. That is exactly what Dominic agreed to do and that is exactly the type of creative mind I wanted to work with on this latest project. He gets it and because of that, everyone will be able to get it for freeOn October 12th – You can download the entire album and artwork here for free or stream it online everywhere streaming services are available (except iTunes because they hate free things and won’t allow them, but we will be listing it as the lowest price they allow $4.99 if you must use Apple Music/iTunes).Please rate and review it or give it 5 stars anywhere those options are available. But, most of all, enjoy it! And share the hell out of it, too. Pass it around to everyone you know that may like and even those you think may not. I’d love for this album to reach more people than any of my previous 3 albums have and that is why it is free.

If you must buy something, the new t-shirt design will be available to purchase. Or just donate to one of the many charities listed from this awesome site that rates them for you.  https://www.thelifeyoucansave.org/impact-calculator

this design is available in a variety of colors at www.teespring.com/stores/ryansinger

The wonderful creative team behind this album’s artwork and creation include: Troy Conrad taking all the photographs, Ramin Nazer doing the artwork for the cover, and my manager Jessica Kelley for all things creative, motivational, and supportive.
I’m really excited to put out into the world what I believe is to be my best work yet. As creatives in this modern world that rewards commercial so heavily, it is important for us to remember why we pursue passion and art. This album is a reflection of my daily mission to do just that. If I’m lucky, it will resonate with you and bring you laughter. If not, let’s hope the next one hits the mark for you a little better. Either way, thanks for being along for the ride. I’ve been so blessed and lucky in this short life that it is hard to really articulate how to thank everyone and I hope this free stand-up comedy record will come close to showing you that I care about you, about me, and about us. We are in this together, so let’s remove the limits of what we believe and perceive we can achieve.
It’s more fun to believe!]]>