The Mandela Effect – 3rd Ear Bonus 73

<![CDATA[The Mandela Effect is a name for when a person or group of people remember a past event happening that "didn't" happen or remember it happening differently. This is named after a large group of unconnected people believing that Nelson Mandela had died in prison many years before being released and later dying at home in 2013. Is this a sign of "sliding" in between two very close parallel dimensions or just people misremembering things? – Merch available! Artwork by James Roper
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  1. Oh! you need to tweak your setup, you sound like you’re doing the podcast from inside of a bucket. 🙁
    you know about the Mandela effect boards on reddit, right? Well here’s a Mandela effect – i could have sworn there used to be a number on that page (928?) that was there to check your reality perception vs. others.

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