<![CDATA[My latest t-shirt design is now available for purchase directly from me here at the website store! I decided to make this shirt as an homage to THE FUTURE IS FEMALE shirts that are so cool and to tip a hat to all the ancient astronaut theorists and the fans of those theories out there. Are you a feminist and believe in the possibility of ancient aliens? Then this shirt is for you!

I designed these over at where I design all of my shirts. I cannot recommend this site highly enough if you are interested in designing any kind of shirt for fun, family gifts or business. Seriously, the perk of free shipping as long as you don’t need them rush-delivered is something you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to shirt design and ordering. I have been making some variations of shirts for years now and once I went over to these guys, I’ve never looked back.
I will have these awesome THE PAST IS ALIEN t-shirts with me for my upcoming tours, hopefully in a city near you this Spring or Summer. I’m going to have sizes SMALL – XX LARGE with me as I travel, so keep that in mind if you would like to get one when you come to a show. I also offer a full guarantee on the t-shirt because I am that confident in the quality of ooshirts and their manufacturing. I believe this is the 5th design I have done through them and I think you’ll love the durability and the feel.]]>

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