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There has been a lot going on lately and I am not sure I can accurately recount all of the details, but I will try to give you a good, swift, accurate overview.  I would love to tell you all about some of the very fun and awesome gigs I have recently been fortunate enough to be a part of or some of the incredibly cool, unique, talented people I have recently met.  BUT, something more pressing is on my brain.
I have an operational CB radio.
You might think this is not a HUGE deal.  You would be wrong.  Dead wrong.  This CB radio is consuming my life more and more by the day.  There is something freeing and sneaky about being able to broadcast your voice out in the atmosphere to complete strangers.  You can also just listen if that is what you prefer to do.  It is allowed eaves-dropping.  You might be surprised by the blunt and honest conversations people will have when they are shrouded in secrecy.  Probably not though since we all know about the internet and chatting.
The 40 channels on the CB radio were the first internet chat rooms.  People use “handles” and divulge information that is deeply private about their darkest fears, dreams, fetishes, and even their relationships.  My handle is “Monster Hunter” and if I am in my car, you can be assured that I have my “ears on.”  That means that my radio is on, but you probably already knew that or could figure it out quite easily.  I am slowly but surely creating a whole new world in which I can exist joyfully, filled with drama, intrigue, deceit, romance, and comedy on various channels.
I feel this topic is deserving of a post dedicated to it and it alone, so I will leave you with that information at this time.  Just know that as time goes and more road trips happen, I will have a more intense, detailed and enjoyable CB radio world.  If I ever get my car equipped with cameras I will film the internet show, “The Ryan Singer Bandwidth.”
I figure I need to get this world built in time to make it real enough for my future child to inherit it.  Yes, I am going to have a baby.  My girlfriend is not pregnant at this time and we have no plans to get pregnant, but she will be pregnant at some point and we are going to have a sweet ass kid.  She lives in Baltimore and I think it is fitting that the home of John Waters will be where I found the mother of my child.

Here are some great gigs I have coming up:
Columbus Funny Bone this Wednesday night (3/2) and it should be a blast.  It is the national showcase show, so there is always a great lineup of comedians that are on their way up the comedy ladder.
The Comedy Attic this Thursday thru Saturday w/Marc Maron.  These will be some great shows and that can be guaranteed.  The last time we worked together there a drunk, crazy, sad woman left the show crying as she snapped out of her walking blackout.  It was intense and one of those comedy magic town moments that can never be duplicated – you just had to be there.
Bob & Tom radio show this Friday morning sometime after 7:20 am.  That is all the info I have right now, but it will be fun to get back on the show again.
As you could tell, there was a poster for a show in Wilmington, NC, at Nutt Street Comedy Club.  That show is April 1st weekend and it should be an absolute blast.  I have heard a lot of great stuff about that club and I am looking forward to finally getting down there and doing my thing.
After that I will be heading back to The Comedy Cabana (4/5 – 4/9) and hanging with my buddies down there will assuredly make Cooter tell me the story about Barry Dean and the epic Green Sea Monkey Boxing Match.
I am going to stop in Atlanta to hang with some buddies and crash on their couches (they don’t know it yet) before I head up to Johnson City, TN, to headline Capone’s Rock Club for some shows 4/15 & 4/16.  That should also be good times as my buddy Mike Cody is scheduled to feature those shows.
Also, I have come across some really great performers the last 6 months that I think you may really enjoy if you are reading this, so the Under the Rock series will be picking back up very soon.]]>

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