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<![CDATA[Dear Beautiful You,
On 1/15/2014 I had a wild idea, maybe it was more a restless urge to make a comedy album and release it in the same day. So, that is what I did. I called it "ONE" with the hopes that I would be doing it more in the future. Well, that future is now. I am happy to announce that for the cost of zero dollars and zero cents you can download directly from dropbox my newest comedy album "TWO."
This is not my stand up comedy. This is comedy that I conceived (mostly), recorded, and edited together in the course of one day at my home studios "Comedy Wonder Town." That is what I am apparently calling my home studio as of now. It is my sincerest hope that you find some enjoyment in this silly, seven track creation. If you find it to your liking, remember that there is ONE that preceded it still available for free download, also.
I enjoy being able to give away things for free to people who have supported me, continue to support, or may begin to support me after hearing this album. If you know anyone who may also find enjoyment and some laughs in this ridiculous creation, please pass along the info to them.
TWO – free download (2/1/2015)

ONE – free download (1/15/2014)

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