Under the Rock – #5

<![CDATA[Here are some more hilarious freaks with awesomeness to digest.  At least one of this week's comedians is by a lot of standards, pretty successful already.  Nonetheless, I would argue that he is NOT mainstream and well known by the masses even though his hilarity is boundless.
One of the joys, if not the biggest joy of this job is getting to hang out with some of my heroes and idols.  The performane aspect is what I strive to get right, but the sense of being a part of the comedy community is the real payoff, at least for me.  Each weekend I am out working somewhere, I try to have at least one moment where I am completely aware of just how lucky I am to be doing this.  Sometimes that moment is a lot easier to come by than others.  It is extremely easy to have thousands of those moments when I am working with someone who absolutely hilarious and live under the rock.  The first guy is just one of those guys…
Eddie Gossling –  here is a guy that will make you laugh your ass off every show, all weekend long.  I do not care if you are one of the most jaded comedy fans under the sun, I dare you to try not to laugh at Eddie.  He is currently working on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0 and so far, so great.  Here's his website that has all kinds of goodness on it.  He’s got a bunch of clips up at rooftopcomedy.com.  I have had the pleasure of working with Eddie and the one of the many things you can gleem from his act is that no show, no audience is below getting some damned great comedy.  It is only a matter of time before he has a place in the mainstream eye and I am convinced that his already substantial career has only gotten started.
Mike MacRae –  is the pre-eminent impressionist of our time, my time I think anyways.  There are a few other people out there doing impressions, but my generation has one guy who has been doing unique impressions long before other people jump on certain character bandwagons and its Mike.  He ranges all the way from the most unique interactions between Ozzy Osbourne and Peter O’Toole ordering a pizza to a magical journey of Fox News characters.  Trust me when I say that nobody is doing this kind of stuff.  Throw on top of all this that he is a hell of a guy and damned good joke writer even when impressions are not involved.  He has the best Roe v. Wade joke you will ever hear…period.  The cherry on the sundae is that I locked us out of a condo after midnight with no shoes, no cell phones and no wallets and he did not lose his mind.  Check him out now, fools!]]>

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