Under the Rock – #9

This guy is DAMNED good that I want him to have his own installment of Under the Rock. And, I happen to be a bit tired and have run out of Mountain Dew to think of another one inspiring me as much as him at this very moment. And, I have to get off my ass and write some of my own stuff so I can someday work with this hilarious bastard.
Tim Minchin.
This installment of Under the Rock is going to be video heavy. Why? Because it needs to be. That’s why. I feel I have been remiss by not embedding more videos of the artists that I have been writing about instead of just linking you to their stuff. Although just having to click a mouse once or twice seems as though it would be quite simple to do, let’s be honest. Nowadays, if it is not right in front of our faces, we seldom will click our way to find it unless it is a thing or person we are seeking out on our own.  So…
I am going to embed some funny videos that I watch over and over and over again due to their awesomeness, originality, hilarity, or just plain nonsensicalness. I hope you also enjoy these videos as it would be a great indicator of the future of our growing, burgeoning friendship. If you do not like these videos, it is okay. It is better we find out now that we are not truly compatible than finding it out after we have moved in together.
Tim Minchin is one of my new favorite people in the world. He is so funny and he is huge overseas. I had not heard of him until recently and my life is so much better now because of it. The first video I ever saw of him was not necessarily a hugely hilarious video, but I think it speaks to a couple of things: He is insanely gifted and he has an incredibly wide range, which will be exhibited by the videos I am embedding to follow. The first one will take 6 minutes of your life and you will be glad it did, if not wishing it took more. Further speaking to his bad-ass-ness, he has a youtube video so his fans can watch videos of live performances. This video is one such case:
White Wine in the Sun – Tim Minchin

This next video is of the sillier variety and I think you will like it as well.
Canvas Bags

And one more, showing how he can really get to the heart of my sense of humor
Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing

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