2 Years of 3rd Ears Recap – 3rd Ear Bonus 104

<![CDATA[After two full years of 3rd Ear Bonuses, I recap what the journey has been like digging into so many different topics and areas of the paranormal, supernatural, mystical, and esoteric. I also go on tangents, ramblings, and may even get a bit emotional talking about how hard it is to say "I love you" at times. This one is all over the place, so just know that going in as I try to wrap my brain around all the things we've discussed over the last two years. Thanks to you this has all been possible. I love you.

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3 Replies to “2 Years of 3rd Ears Recap – 3rd Ear Bonus 104”

  1. I don’t know if you read ‘The Secret Sun’ blog, but CK just wrote a post about the show ‘The OA’
    and I thought it would be cool for you guys to do a podcast about the show in a ‘spoiler alert’ edition discussing what you guys like, or dislike about the series and your ideas about what the show is trying to tell the viewer.
    Just a thought and it would save me watching the rest of the series and having to renew my Netflix subscription.

    1. I thought you meant Louis CK at first 🙂
      I did a full-length podcast about The OA with Peggy O’Leary but it is only available to those who donate at certain level on the Patreon.com/ryansinger page 🙁 but I thought it was a good idea, too!

      1. That’s pretty funny, because with you being a comedian I deliberately wrote CK instead of Chris Knowles thinking that way you might think of Louis CK (although I thought it was a long-shot) and take a look at his post over at ‘The Secret Sun’ if you didn’t know anything about the guy.
        Chris has a pretty big following in the UFO/Sync ‘community’ and while I might not agree with everything he writes (not that I can think of anyone that I do) I always find his stuff interesting.
        Plus I think a talk between you two guys about ‘The OA’ would be worth listening to.
        So it’s a kind of a selfish request, but I think it will cause slight ripples that will be good for both you, Chris and the OA show in general.
        But I have a feeling that you go with your gut and already know that anyway…but I could be wrong? 🙂
        I bought a cushion cover from your merch store a few weeks ago with the Me/Paranormal You hand on it and it looks good resting on my bed half a world away (Australia).
        Great design.
        I think of it like one of those Hamsa hands that ward off the evil eye, but since I don’t have a mother-in-law around anymore after my divorce, I probably don’t need it.
        Still, better safe than sorry. 😉

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