Carl Treadway VII – Episode 4 "Dryad"

Carl Treadway VII is a Monster Hunter. It is his life. He comes from a long line of Carl Treadways and a long line of monster hunters. He is on a mission to avenge the deaths of all the Carl Treadways that came before him who lost their lives hunting down monsters of the night. With the love and support of his beautiful wife Janet Treadway and now being followed by a documentary film crew, we follow Carl on his dangerous and epic hunts.
Carl embarks on the hunt to avenge the death of his great grandfather, Carl Treadway II. This hunt focuses on the Dryad, a tree nymph. What highly advanced tactics will Carl use to capture the Dryad? Watch to find out.

Also starring Alex Stone (Boom Mic) and Mike Cronin (Cameraman)]]>

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  1. Hey there! Glad your’re heading towards Indianapolis this week rather than NY: we don’t want you to get blown away. We would rather have you blow us away with your outrageous comedy!!!

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