Coast to Coast AM, etc.

<![CDATA[If you are like me, you enjoy learning about the absurd and the otherworldy.  If you have FOX AM radio and awake late at night, I suggest you check out Coast to Coast AM.  It is a great program that discusses nothing but the crazy, strange and by most people’s opinions, the absurd.  That is why I love it so much.  My brother, Chad, has subscribed to the podcast on iTunes so he can hear every episode that deals with the aliens, out of body experiences and anything else your parents would be too scared to tell you about as a child.
There is a lot of talk about 2012 on this program as you might expect.  Many people think this is the end of the world.  But, I, like many of George’s guests on this show believe it is just the end of the world as we know it.  We shall continue to live, but in totally different way.  Be careful about who you talk to about such beliefs.  I have found that most people, especially recently, find me to be a “qwack job” or “lunatic” when I start talking about it.  But, little do these close-minded people know of the people I have met in my lifetime and of the impossible things I have witnessed, even touched.
Open your mind and let the truth of the universe flow into your brain device as if it is an empty pail.  I hope that you feel as I do, that the new beginning will be something to look forward to, not to fear or fight against.  The Lizard that lives in my brain is telling me to tell you that you must open your mind soon before it is too late.  When has the Lizard ever lied to me?  Never.]]>

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