Comedy Wonder Town – Commercial #3

Here’s the third commercial Charles Wonderly has directed and edited for my new album COMEDY WONDER TOWN, which will be released on OCT 16th, 2012 by Stand Up! Records.
Super-excited to announce that Beth Stelling and I will be having a joint-release-celebration show on OCT 17th at Echoes Under Sunset at 9pm.  We are both from Dayton, Ohio, and both have a new album coming out on the 16th, so we figured we’d team and have some fun with it!  Rumor is that there will be a promo video coming very soon for that party.  Probably just the first of many Stelling-Singer productions, probably be called STELLER SINGING PRODUCTIONS.  You read it here first!
There will be many great comics on the show, cheap drinks, and maybe even a screening of the pilot “Comedy Wonder Town.”  OH!  And foodstuffs.  There will be foodstuffs there, too.  Hope you enjoy this latest commercial:
Commercial #3

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