CTVII S2 – Season Finale – Meet Your Bread Maker

This is it.  The long awaited Season 2 finale.  Will all of your questions be answered?  Will the forces of good triumph over evil?  Will Carl win back his beautiful wife Janet? So many questions and only this last episode to answer them.  We left off with Carl tragically killed by his nemesis, Rupert Randolph.  Big Foot revealed that Rupert Randolph had killed all of the Carl Treadways throughout history and now has finished the job with the last one alive, Carl Treadway VII.  Only a miracle could save the day now.  Let us all hope that there is at least one more surprise in store for us.
Episode #10 – Season 2 Finale – Meet Your Bread Maker

Is this the end of the beloved web series? No one can know what may stir in the night….]]>

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