Ep 14 – The Witch Doctor Is In!

Super-psychic mega-witch and host of the podcast Witch Doctorate, Renée Watt tells us how she talks to your pets, astral projects, and, most importantly, how to find the sign of your soulmate (hint: it’s in YOUR birth chart!). Angela and Renée went to a paranormal meet-up where they saw faery footage (yay!) and Hitler groupies (boo!). Angela shares secrets about flu shots and the common cold. Ryan falls hard for Angela’s mom. Renée explains north and south nodes and why they might be the most important planets in your chart. Ryan explains Puppetry of The Penis. Angela and Renée plan an astral projection girls’ trip but don’t invite Ryan. Ryan has issues with UFO meet-ups. Renée shares how to astral project to all the planets, talk to ETs, sleep better, and lock down your personal space to keep it happy and safe. WTF is déjà vu? Why are some orbs blue? Would you three-way with your clone? Learn all this plus how to combat BO magickally!

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