Ep 30 – Sal-em Witch

Salvatore Santoro, witch extraordinaire and owner of Los Angeles’s witchiest shop, The Crooked Path, talks hexes, his time in the Golden Dawn, mysticism in Greece, working with Hekaté, performing spell work for others, the dark side of Kabbalah, and low magick vs. high magick. Sal also breaks down how to make the ideal altar, and takes you back to the basics of witchcraft. Is there a wrong way to turn a pentagram? Do you need a skull to elevate your magick? How scary can goats really be? Listen to learn all of this, plus get cheered on by Sal: “Witchcraft is real! Causing change with your will is real!” THIS SHIT IS REAL. www.TheCrookedPath.biz WhereTheMagickHappens.com

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