Ep 31 – Here Ghost Nothing

Angela has a séance and enjoys some pre-Halloween creeps. Ryan tries to open his pineal gland with a case of soda. Angela gets down with animals who aren’t her own. Ryan solves your pest problems. Angela bosses a closet monster. Ryan almost commits to a lizard. Angela suffers FOMO on the Ouija board. Ryan conjures his future self and an awkward bathroom experience. Angela discovers the latest batch of Indigo babies. Ryan is communicating with his new plants and not by chewing on them. Angela will not be slut-shamed by Poison Oak. Will your spiritual quest lead you to Costco? What does a red orb mean? Can you tell the difference between Grandpa’s ghost and a trickster? Squirt, purge, or inconceivable?! WhereTheMagickHappens.com

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