Experience 149 – Alien Con Interviews, George Noory & More

<![CDATA[This one is a doozy! Almost 2 full hours of live interviews from the Alien Con booth including a chat with George Noory. I talk to some incredible people who were willing to let me record them with many other people walking around and listening in to the chat while we recorded. Thank you to those people for being so kind and open to be publicly vulnerable in this way. These talks cover so much ground that it would take pages to explain here, so just know that I chat with a student, an Opal Miner, an accomplished Author, a business owner, a seeker, a friendly face, and the host of Coast to Coast AM – George Noory!

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3 Replies to “Experience 149 – Alien Con Interviews, George Noory & More”

  1. I really enjoyed this episode. Were you able to get links to any photos from the interviewees that said they had some?

  2. Can we see the photos of the entities from the first lady talking about her experiences at Temptations Boutique? It would be neat to see the side by sides of the images of said entities taken in the basement, as well as the lady that passed unfortunately from throat cancer.

  3. You might be interested in Jack Heart’s blog-posts about his weekend at the AlienCon while micro-dosing on LSD. He said he saw your stand-up routine at AlienCon Ryan, so who knows, maybe there is a pod-cast to be had between you two to reminisce about what you both got out of AlienCon?
    Here is the link to Jack’s first of a series of blog-posts about micro-dosing at the AlienCon –

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