Experience 158 – Greg Barris, Suppressed Science & the Truth of Our Existence

<![CDATA[Comedian and knowledge vault, Greg Barris joins me for such a wonderful chat about so many things that we did not even get into the thing we were originally planning to discuss – broccoli sprouts. We cover the death of Nostradamus (DISCLAIMER: We also know after the fact that when disucssing Nostradamus he meant Rasputin), the suppression of science by one of the "heroes" of the modern scientific era, and we get into a bit of how we can learn to all get along better. This is the first of many more.

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3 Replies to “Experience 158 – Greg Barris, Suppressed Science & the Truth of Our Existence”

  1. Ryan,
    It’s Rasputin he is talking about not Nostradamus. The Heir apparent to Tsar Nicholas II, (Alexi) had hemophilia and his frailty threatened the dynasty. Rasputin was an alleged monk from Siberia who performed healing rituals on the child. Tsar Nicholas took command of the army during The Great War and left to the Eastern front. His wife remained in Russia to rule. There was scandal that Rasputin, (who was a serious boozer and womanizer) was having an affair with the Tsarina. When the Russians were struggling desperately and rebellion was likely the British government sent a secret service agent Oswald Rayner who worked with Prince Felix Yusupov to assassinate him because they were afraid he would convince the Tsarina to seek peace and leave the British to fight the Germans alone. Felix invited Rasputin to dinner and he poisoned him, (poorly) when Rasputin caught on Felix shot him with a small caliber hand gun in the torso, (poorly) he escaped upstairs and out a window after being beaten, (poorly) and when he collapsed Rayner shot him in the forehead, (likely a Webley .455). The body was dismembered, the penis removed, and he was dumped into a river. To overwrite history and justify his deed Yuspov wrote the book, “Rasputin: His Malignant Reign and His Assassination”. It was translated into English by Oswald Rayner. The book is the source of the mythos surrounding his supernatural resistance to mortality. Likely a pampered price unfit to murder a man was the reason for the excessive violence. The legend of Anastasia I know less about. I do know that there was a woman who claimed for decades to be Anastasia who was a fraud, I think she died in the 1980s.

  2. Rasputin only studied religion very briefly. He was mostly a petty thief and…well… date-rapist. You spoke earlier about cult leaders claiming to store salvation in their ‘Hog’ I think he was the first to gain fame for doing so. He was born dirt poor for certain….Also…reprehensible hygiene. Stood up in restaurants pulling his dick out waggling it around claiming that it was the ruler of Russia. Not a good dude.

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